General Documents

There is a need to bring GPU programming to a new level. Read more here.

A high level description of the Alea.cuBase framework and the development process can be found here.

NuGet Gallery

Alea.cuBase can also be obtained as a NuGet package at Alternatively you can use the VisualStudio NuGet package manager to search for Alea.cuBase or CUDA.


A detailed description of Alea.cuBase can be found in the user manual. The user manual, API reference and the examples are available separately for each release.

First go to the download section and from there to the latest release or the list of previous releases. Download the desired documents in the format of your choice from there.


A tutorial and a collection of examples can be obtained from the public GitHub repository


A growing set of GPU algorithms and useful components can be found in the public GitHub repository Please feel free to submit your favorite algorithms as well.

QuantAlea Blog

Additional explanations and use cases can be found on our blog

Google Group